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Massage Therapy Business Coaching

Are you just starting out as a Massage Therapist and want to build a thriving practice? Are you a small Massage Therapy clinic that would like to get busier and grow your revenue?

  • Learn the secrets of the trade you won't learn in school. 
  • Become the top RMT in your area. 
  • Increase and solidify your income. 
  • Follow best practices in the industry. 
  • Be a part of increasing our value in overall health care. 
  • Earn respect from physicians, physiotherapists, chiropractors and other allied health professionals. 
  • Ensure the best online presence and branding for your business. 
  • Solidify your confidence in treating and billing for motor vehicle accidents.
  • Increase your overall confidence as a Therapist.

Program Options:

Career Longevity Plan - $150

  • Workspace ergonomic assessment, pain & dysfunction assessment & tailored preventative exercise and ergonomic program to ensure you optimize movement and function. Book your virtual assessment and plan now by clicking here and save your hands!!

Solidify Your Business Programs:

Basic Program - $499 

  • Defines stage of business, clinic optimization, and niche potential plus three major issue solutions.

Intermediate Program - $999

  • Defines stage of business, clinic optimization, and niche potential plus six major issue solutions.

Advanced Program - $1499

  • Includes stage of business, clinic optimization, and niche potential plus the full program covering eleven issue solutions including any additional.

Pick and Choose - $100

  • One hour virtual coach Q & A as many topics as we can cover in 60 minutes (typically 1-3 issue solutions).

Month to Month Mentoring - $150/month

  • 2 hours (30 min a week or however you decide to split it) of ongoing conversation (at your convenience using an app so you can review at any time). 

Are you just looking for some guidance with your business or need some professional advice to enhance your practice but don't need a full program? Shoot me a text or give me a call and let me create what you need within your budget!

What are you waiting for? Solidify! Text or call asap to set up your free consultation! 

Book Career Longevity Plan

Call 780-940-0002

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