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" I have attended with a significant number of massage therapists over the last 15 years for chronic back problems, and Laura is among the very best. She is extremely caring, attentive and accommodating, knowing the best amount of pressure to help reduce my symptoms. Her treatment would provide me with significant improvement in pain reduction and range of motion. I highly recommend Laura as a massage therapist!"

- Ron, Senior Lawyer

"I had shoulder pain that just wouldn't quit. I saw a Chiropractor and Physiotherapist and nothing seemed to help. The first time I saw Laura, she found that one of the rotator muscles was very weak. She worked on my shoulder, and gave me an exercise program to strengthen it. Within 2 weeks my pain was gone!! Laura is the Dr. House of musculoskeletal wellness!!"

- Danica Montez, VIT

"Laura set up a personalized fitness program for me, that was designed to help me reach my specific fitness goals. She was extremely thorough when establishing this program, thereby ensuring that she was clear about what I wanted to attain. She walked me through the program and then circled back with me a week or so later to ensure that I was correctly performing all of the exercises. She even added some exercises that she designed specifically to strengthen my back to improve a lateral spinal curvature that I have. I was so impressed with her medical knowledge and insight about exercise physiology! Lastly, not only is Laura adept at what she does, she is a lovely person with whom I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with! I highly recommend her!"

- Kathy, Supervisor

"Laura Barr is a skilled and very friendly massage therapist. You are always greeted warmly when you walk through the door. She listens to my needs and I always leave her feeling calm, relaxed and rejuvenated. Every time I went in to see Laura she treated me like GOLD. I have been to a lot of massage therapists over the years but trust me on this, she has a special magical, holistic touch and you will come out feeling so great. After I see Laura I get the best sleep ever."

- Colette, Medical Secretary

Laura has been a huge part of my success in the gym. She provides a wealth of knowledge and support for my fitness training and nutrition goals. 

- Ross, Senior Security Advisor

"Laura is wonderful whether it's for a relaxing massage or strained sore muscles. Laura listens to your needs and does a great job, she is a wealth of knowledge on may issues such as health, wellness, nutrition, and fitness programs, she will soon become a friend! To sum it up she's great and does a great job what ever your requirements are!"

- Moreen, Annual Returns Processor

"Laura is an awesome massage therapist with a fantastic attitude and wonderful personality to go along with it. Laura was able to easily explain how/why areas were tight and how to help resolve those issues."

- Craig, Adjudicator